Announcing ATACAMA, My New Novel

I am delighted to report that I have a new novel, a thriller-horror called ATACAMA, out on May 13, 2025 via Sley House Publishing! What is ATACAMA About? When her best friend is murdered in the Atacama Desert, Appalachian academic researcher Fiona Hawthorne finds herself facing a sinister corporation and a monster hiding in plain sight. This novel… Continue reading Announcing ATACAMA, My New Novel

BSFA Awards Shortlisted Twice!

Yesterday, I opened the email from the BSFA (British Science Fiction Association) to see that TWO of my works have made the shortlist for the BSFA Awards! Wow! My First Shortlisted Works I’ve never been shortlisted for any literary awards before, so I was over the moon and stars to be shortlisted twice. The two… Continue reading BSFA Awards Shortlisted Twice!