The First Half of 2024

A Year of Award Nominations, New Book Deals, Short Fiction, Book Events, and New Projects Sometimes it can seem like nothing is happening in the writing world. Other times, it feels like everything happens all at once. So far, in 2024, it’s been the case of the latter. That doesn’t mean it’s all been going… Continue reading The First Half of 2024

Creative Rituals – Author Tade Thompson

Creative Rituals - Tade Thompson

Welcome! Creative Rituals is a fun blog of mine featuring creatives and their rituals. Creatives talk about how they start their creative day, as well as give you more insight into their work. It’s a perfect opportunity to demystify the creative experience, and maybe even inspire! Tade Thompson – Author, Psychiatrist, FRSL, and Artist Today’s… Continue reading Creative Rituals – Author Tade Thompson