Announcing DOOMFLOWER, My New Campy Horror Novel!

Doomflower Book Deal Annoucnement
Doomflower Book Deal Announcement

I am so COMPLETELY ecstatic to announce that my campy horror novel, DOOMFLOWER, will be published by Encyclopocalypse Publications on April 8, 2025! You’ll want to read who they are and why they are so perfect for this book!

The Pitch for DOOMFLOWER

DOOMFLOWER, a YA or New Adult campy horror novel, at 70,000 words. Think HEATHERS and MEAN GIRLS meets DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS and THE THING. Something Grady Hendrix would approve of.

High school is a killer, but not as much as plants mutated by an extraterrestrial presence, and the sinister conspiracy surrounding it. The unexpected savior of humanity might just be the meanest girl in Killian High! In DOOMFLOWER, an ADULT or YA comedy horror, Camellia Dume is the meanest teen queen in her Malibu high school, a rich daddy’s girl thanks to his elaborate scams, but she might be the only hero for humanity as an extraterrestrial mutation sends plants tearing through the population and sprouts in horrific fashion, ripping people and families apart. Camellia just might meet her own personal match or worst enemy, in the new student Wray, as sparks fly and opposites attract. Think HEATHERS meets MEAN GIRLS meets DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS and THE THING: gory, horrific, but hilariously so.

When will DOOMFLOWER be out?

My new novel Doomflower will be out on April 8, 2025, and so that makes two novels out next year, including my other horror/thriller/sci-fi novel, Atacama. More details on the exact date when that is sorted out. I’m about to thrill you all!

What Happens Next?

We are already talking cover art, and I envisioned something very vivid for Camellia herself and some aspects of the novel. Stay tuned. As you saw from their website, the publisher has PERFECT cover art for this type of book.

I cannot WAIT for you to meet Camellia Dume and be taken on this savage thrill ride in April 2025! More news as I get it!

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Write on!