Creative Rituals – Author Gareth L. Powell

Creative Rituals - Author Gareth L. Powell
Author Gareth L. Powell with his cheeky tea mug.

Welcome! Creative Rituals is a fun blog of mine featuring creatives and their rituals. Creatives talk about how they start their creative day, as well as give you more insight into their work. It’s a perfect opportunity to demystify the creative experience, and maybe even inspire!

Gareth L. Powell – Author

My first guest is none other than my husband, British author Gareth L. Powell! He’s known for giving such great advice to writers at any stage.

What Do You Do to Start Your Creative Day?

They say, “Start as you mean to go on,” so I have an alarm on my phone that plays ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder. Waking up to something bright and funky instantly puts me in a good mood. I’m also a big believer in the power of making your bed in the morning. It lets you achieve something right off the bat, and as my desk is in my bedroom, a tidy bed makes for a more serene work environment. 

I’ll often read a book in the bath for half an hour, to get myself into a fictional headspace. Then, it’s time for tea. And I cannot over stress how important tea is to my writing process. There’s something so civilised about it, and it gently lubricates the cogs of the imagination.

Mostly, I write at my desk, but sometimes, I’ll take my laptop to a local coffee shop for a couple of hours, just for a change of scene.

Creator Bio

Gareth L. Powell is an award-winning author known for his thriller-style pacing, mordant wit, and complex, achingly human characters. He has twice won the coveted British Science Fiction Association Award for Best Novel, and has become one of the most-shortlisted authors in the award’s 50-year history. He has also been a finalist for the Locus, British Fantasy, Seiun, and Canopus awards. His novels have regularly appeared on the Locus Bestseller lists, and have been Amazon bestsellers in the UK, USA and Japan. About Writing, his field guide for aspiring authors, also topped the Amazon charts and continues to inspire a new generation of upcoming authors.

Some of Gareth L. Powell’s space opera books.

Learn more about Gareth on his website.

Thank you, Gareth, for being a guest today!

Write on!